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  • X420 six pass brushless EPP glider
  • X420 six pass brushless EPP glider
  • X420 six pass brushless EPP glider
  • X420 six pass brushless EPP glider
  • X420 six pass brushless EPP glider
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X420 six pass brushless EPP glider

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Size: 30-50cm aircraft

Brand: weili

People: boys

Features: multi-flight mode with impact engineering EPP engineering materials

Packing: color box

Channels: 6 channels

Toy material: EPP

Product information:

Product article no. : X420

Product description: six-way brushless vertical take-off and landing stunt aircraft

Product material: high strength composite material (EPP)

Wingspan * flight length * altitude 420*340*135mm

Color box size (CM) : 392*418*85mm

Flight weight (bare) 155 grams

Packing sealing box

Flight time: 8-10 minutes

Charging time: 50-60 minutes

Remote control mode: 2.4g remote control

Remote control distance (m) : over 200 m

Number of driving motors: main motor (strong magnetic) 050 *2

Battery details: li-poly 7.4v (500MAH) 20C

Product accessories details: "color box packaging *1, aircraft *1, remote control *1, manual *1, 2s USB charger, forward flight blade forward rotation *1 reverse *1, battery *1

Full functions of the product:

1. Impact resistant engineering EPP engineering material is adopted, which is very impingement.

2 050 strong magneto, super strong power. 4.3g high-precision digital steering gear, quick response, fast locking.

3 the aircraft is equipped with 6-axis gyroscope and fixed air pressure, 3D/6G mode conversion, suitable for different scenes of flight, more suitable for beginners to advance to practice flight.

4. The aircraft can take off and land vertically, land vertically, change the air mode, and combine the learning mode with the aerobatic mode, effectively solve the problems of small flight field, unable to taxi and take off, and beginners do not grasp the key points of aircraft take-off and release, unable to take off smoothly.

5 the aircraft has multiple flight modes

1) indoor vertical fixed-altitude flight mode. The aircraft can hover vertically and forward and backward like quadcopter and helicopter, fly left and right side and spin, and have one-button take-off/one-button landing functions.

2) outdoor 6G flat flight fixed altitude mode. The aircraft takes off vertically, converts flat flight into 6G constant altitude self-stabilization mode with one key, realizing vertical flight to horizontal seamless docking, gyroscope self-stabilization, and course locking, which is very suitable for beginners to practice flight in fixed wing mode.

3) outdoor stunt mode: after the plane transfers to horizontal flight in the air, the switch switches to the 3D position, and the plane enters the 3D stunt mode (3D lock mode) to perform somersault, roll, death spiral and other stunts easily.

The front three-point landing gear is designed for skidding and landing in special situations. It can also be used for outdoor skidding and take-off, directly into fixed-wing mode.

7. High capacity and high multiplier 7.4v lithium polymer battery, flight time more than 8-10 minutes.

The frame adopts quick installation and disassembly structure, which is easy to carry.

9. The client can choose to equip with 720P hd image transmission 2.4g WIFI, and the camera can adjust the Angle, so as to shoot vertically and front and rear 30 degrees respectively.