Halloween props and masks

Halloween props and masks

Every year at this time we at Boodee Inc feel the excitement of Halloween.  With only two months before the biggest holiday of the year, orders for Halloween props, masks and goodies are already starting to pour in.  Die hard fans know that these Halloween items sell out way before the haunting day.  Savvy shoppers get on our preorder list to avoid missing that hard to get product.  But beware because as fast as they come in we can guarantee that is fast as they will go out so our best recommendation is to text us before you place your order.  Please remember it is a daunting task to ensure all customers get their product so please help us help you in the process.  We will do our very best to either get the item or help you locate that item.  As always we appreciate you very much and Thank you for your continued support with Boodee Inc


Thomas Pepe

Boodee Inc